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Mer Studio

The studio features a private terrace with stunning views of the Ionian Sea. It also offers all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including air conditioning, WiFi, and satellite TV. What’s more, the studio is just a few steps away from some of the best beaches. The apartment has an area of 20 square meters and is enough for 2 adults, making it a perfect place for small families or couples.

  • Bedroom Amenities

    Guests comfort is our first priority so room architecture is designed for giving full comfort and relaxing atmosphere. Rooms are furnished with jumbo bed with excellent sleeping swab and cushions. Baby cot and extra small mattresses are also available on request. Room cupboards are available with laundry services.

  • Kitchen Details

    Kitchen are designed like home every facility is there with adornments that fulfill our guests needs. Air condition is also available in Mer studios kitchen you can easily cook your meal.

  • Furniture

    We want to impress our guests at first look so we have furnished our room with high superiority chairs, coffee tables, end tables and rugs.

  • Bathroom Detail

    Bathroom is equipped with necessary things also warm and cold water is available anytime according to the weather.

  • Outdoor

    It has a large balcony with natural view where you can enjoy the weather and relish your tea. Morning view lovers also enjoy the sun rise from balconies to admire nature.

  • Free Wifi

    We offer Free WiFi at anywhere in studio you can enjoy your social life and connected to your friends.

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