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Standard Studio

If you are looking for a luxurious escape, our Standard Studio is perfect for you. With its spacious 18 square meters, the studio can easily accommodate two adults. Our beautifully designed rooms provide all the amenities you need to feel right at home, including high-speed internet, cable TV, and a mini-refrigerator. You will also appreciate our excellent location near nature and many family-friendly activities.

  • Bedroom Amenities

    Architecture of rooms is designed according to the complete comfort and sensibility inspired by easy, soft and color scheme.Rooms are equipped with king size bed with high quality mattress and pillows. Cushions and extra pillows are also available. Alarm clocks and fire clocks are presented also cordless telephone is available.

  • Kitchen Details

    Standard Studio kitchens are fully furnished with accessories that accomplish all your needs. These kitchens are suitable for small family. You can enjoy your meal with family like home on dining table. Fridge and cooking range are also available for cooking and store the items.

  • Furniture

    We want to impress our guests at first look so we have furnished our room with high superiority chairs, coffee tables, end tables and rugs.

  • Bathroom Detail

    Bathroom is equipped with necessary things also warm and cold water is available anytime according to the weather.

  • Outdoor

    Standard Studio has a large balcony with natural view where you can enjoy the weather and relish your tea. Morning view lovers also enjoy the sun rise from balconies to admire nature.

  • Free Wifi

    We offer Free WiFi at anywhere in studio you can enjoy your social life and connected to your friends.

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